Oh hi there. What is Chuckle Co. and how does it work, you ask? Whoa hey, one question at a time, please.

First off, Chuckle Co is awesome.

Second, here’s how it works. Every Wednesday, a different Chuckle Co producer(s) will bring you a totally different show. It’s nuts, right!? Let’s break it down, week by week. Continue reading


Deaf Jam Comedy – November 16th, 2011

Yo, yo, yo! This Wednesday, it’s another amazing Chuckle Co show, as D.J. Demers hosts ‘Deaf Jam Comedy’.  Check out this amazing line-up!

Garrett Jamieson (The Boom!)

Chris Robinson (Exposed his testicles on Rogers TV)

Christina Walkinshaw (Comedy Now!, Yuk Yuk’s)

Hunter Collins (Yuk Yuk’s, Video on Trial)

Fraser Young (Video on Trial, Comedy Now!)

And D.J. will be giving away beers and telling a few humorous anecdotes as well. Comedy Bar. 9 pm. Do it.

The Scotch Chronicles – Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2011

Wow. After a ginormous first show, hosted by Joel Buxton, Chuckle Co. is putting on another amazing show this Wednesday.

Chuckle Co. presents the Scotch Chronicles, hosted by Adrian Sawyer.  As always, there will be free beer giveaways, and a raucous good time.  Check out this incredible line-up that Adrian has assembled!

Dylan Gott

Tim Golden

Alex Pavone

Todd Graham

Nick Flanigan

Gilson Lubin

9 pm. Tomorrow. See you there, mes amis. That’s right, we speaking French. It’s getting classy up in here. Must be the scotch.

First Show!

An important memo to all shareholders in Chuckle Co.

The very first show is happening this Wednesday, November 2nd at 9 pm.  Joel Buxton will be hosting, and he will have so many awesome stand-up comics on the show, you will piss your pants.  Fact.

He will also be giving away beer. What? Seriously?

For real.

Check out the Facebook event right here.  And don’t miss it.

Let’s party and laugh. November 2nd. Comedy Bar